Crutch transport on a bike


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I’m the proud (and Disabled) owner of a new Rad Wagon 4. Normally, I get around via a folding wheelchair, which can be strapped to the back, but it looks like there are some crutches being developed that I can use, and I’m wondering how to carry two long objects.

OTOH, I’ve seen videos of people hauling surfboards on non-cargo e-bikes, so I’m confident that folks carry crutches around. There might even be daypacks that would do it — if not, I’d love someone to invent one!

Anyone have good ideas on how I might best carry crutches?

Many thanks!
You see in the picture left, I screwed a 19"x26" rack to the book/kiddie rack on the back of my yuba bodaboda. It is built of aluminum angle and 10-32 SS machine screws. The threaded bosses in the yuba rack are 5 mm. I carried two 8' long aluminum angles last Friday tied to the top of the rack and suspended by HD twine from the handlebar. It ran through my legs as I pedalled. If you make the tie short enough to hold the crutch vertical, you could do the same thing. You might devise a crutch fork to hold it vertical on the back, too.
@sarahlaughed, Does your bike have a rear rack? That would make it easy. Just wrap a length of bungee around the crutches from the top tube to the rack.
There is a rear rack. I’m just not totally confident in bungees preventing them from sliding along the length of the crutch, if that makes sense. Ooh, I could probably wrap them in a beach towel and bungee them!

Thanks, Uma. Planning on coming to you for a trike conversion, when I can!
I should have stayed in Girl Scouts for knot lessons! This is definitely an important life skill I’ve missed out on. 😂
I would use some urethane tape to prevent slipping, rubbing and scratching. And one of these. I made it. The loop cinches around the seat post, it crosses around and through and finishes with double half-hitches. It is made from a 12-foot length of bungee and has a finished center and finished tips. See the pen for size perspective.