1. robrob

    How to Replace Pace 500/350 Chainring, Crankset & Bottom Bracket Bearing

    I recently replaced the stock 44T chainring on my Pace 500 with a 48T oval chainring to raise the gearing and even out the pedal power pulse. I had to replace the crankset with an industry standard 130 BCD crankset with 70mm crank arms. While I had the crank arms off I went ahead and replaced...
  2. G

    [IZIP Protour E3] Missing crankset bolts

    Two bolts came off my IZIP Protour E3 2016 today, I've attached a picture below. They look like special bolts, does anyone know them and where I can find new ones? Thanks! Gustavo
  3. eagamer80

    Upgrading chainring and bottom bracket. My experience.

    I just wanted to tell my experience after changing the old crankset from this piece of crap and the standard Turbo chainring and crankset and pedals. JESUS! what a difference! I do not understand why I didn't do that before. I guess is because I was not sure about the components that I had to...