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  1. B

    Are all Bosch mid-drive systems Class 1 only and... is that good or bad?

    Hi, I've previously posted about our Cube Town Sport on the Cube board, but I think I should post something here that is actually more about Bosch? It's a point of interest, I think, for EVERYONE considering a Bosch mid-drive system, which is, even if you change out to the very latest head unit...
  2. PedalUma

    2023 Aventon Level 2 Review

    I just built and tested one of these new '23 Level 2 bikes. Overall quality has improved. For a $1,999 bike it is nice. For most riders in most circumstances it will be very good. This bike is not for me but am not an average ridder either. The bike is both Class 2 and Class 3 simultaneously. It...