1. J

    BMZ Connect C Bluetooth module for Brose powered Bulls E-stream

    I wanted to share my experience installing and using the BMZ Connect C bluetooth module for my Bulls E-stream Evo AM 4, since I didn't find much info already out there. The bluetooth module is available direct from the Bulls website:
  2. PolarBear123

    What does Bluetooth do?

    Hello everyone, I've bought a Yamaha eBike, the Cross Core version. It's great, but I'm curious about what one of its features does. It has several Bluetooth profiles. How do I connect to this bike over Bluetooth? Then, which app should I use? And what do the profiles mean? Thank you very much!
  3. J

    Mission Control APP / Levo - Connectivity Issues

    Hi Folks, Having an issue with (UK Spec) 2017 Turbo Levo connecting with my Mission Control APP, If anyone has experienced or solved this issue please let me know. Downloaded the new Mission Control APP over winter, and now my iPhone and Bike wont stay connected. They initially connect, and...
  4. B

    When will Bluetooth be activated on Vado?

    Picked up my Vado 4.0 from LBS in Comox BC. Love the bike, but disappointed to see that the Bluetooth hasn't been activated yet. I've read through the forum and consensus was "some time in Nov 2017", but we are past that now. Any rumours when it will be activated?