1. britannic

    ST7 Gates Carbon Drive CDX Belt Part # Needed

    Only the top half of my ST7 Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt part number is available and what there is already worn after a couple hundred miles. I counted the teeth and came up with 113. Does anyone know if this is correct part number? 11M-113T-12CTS BLACK (other colors are: BLUE or BLACK W/R)...
  2. hkckoo

    Can gates carbon drive create custom length belt?

    The shortest belt that I have found online is 108T long, I have unusually short chainstay (275mm) and even with a crazy useless gear ratio combination like 72T-39T (biggest sprockets and chainrings that I have found) I would need chainstay length at least 290mm. I know veer cycle offers split...
  3. Peve3

    R&M SD Belt keeps coming off

    Hi all, I have had my SuperDelite for about a year and its been working fine but recently the belt system keeps coming off at the rear. I have a Rohloff geared hub installed, I initially noticed the belt would pop off when cycling up steep hills so im guessing high torque going through the...
  4. S

    R&M Supercharger 2 GT Rohloff - how to remove the belt

    Hi, On last january, I bought a RM supercharger 2 GT Rohloff version mainly for everyday commuting. I am very satisfied and already reached 1100 kms. Unfortunately I have damaged the belt guard during a journey in the forest. the design is really good beacause neither the front sprocket nor the...
  5. Diarmuid

    Looking for a low maintenance commuter

    Howdy, I could use some help trying to identify a bike that would fit my requirements, but before that, here are some facts that helped shaped my requirements. Primarily will be used for commuting to and from work. My commute is 19.5 miles the easy way or 15.4 miles the more difficult way...