bafang m510

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    Sam's Bikes eBike Motor Test

    Sam's Bikes - ebike motor test 6 Part, 6 Motors, 7 Bikes Bafang m510, Brose S-Mag, Dyname 4.0, Shimano EP801, Yamaha PW-X3, Bosch CX Race
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    Bafang M510 Battery Compatibility

    Hi, I am trying to build up a bike with a Bafang M510 or M560, including a custom battery. I have some uncertaintly how battery SOC reporting works for these motors. For Bafang batteries, my understanding is that SOC is tracked by the BMS using coulomb counting and reported to the motor...
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    Frey Evolve Review with Bafang M510 Mid-Drive Motor!

    The origin is here: FREY EVOLVE Review The Bafang M510 mid-drive motor system has been on the market for some time, and we have noticed more and more bike brands using the M510 in their new models. FREYBIKE, with the goal of creating a leading international sports e-bike brand, has been...
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    A new e-bike model is coming soon🚀 from Frey Bike

    It's coming!!! - the First Bafang M510 + Bafang Go App ebike in the market - Bafang M510 motor is lighter and waterproof compared to M500, but it provides more power for your riding experience. Bafang tuned the start-up characteristic to be smoother and...