bafang 8fun motor

  1. Valerio

    Pedal assist sensor in Bafang mid drive

    Hello everyone, I have a silly question: is the pedal assist sensor integrated inside bafang mid drives? I’m considering getting a bafang after 3 years using a 1000 W rear hub and im a bit tired of pedaling so hard when the battery dies... I have seen a few videos and they all seem to require...
  2. roshan

    Juggernaut Classic is back for $1999

    Hey all, it's back by popular demand for the best price to date. Here's the bike that started it all: More pictures coming soon.
  3. ZeroPointM

    RipCurrent S, unboxing pictures and first impressions.

    Purchase date 7-18-2018 Delivery date 8/14/18 RipCurrent S (750 Watts) / Aug '18 delivery Black / XL / 20" [Fits 6'0" to 6'4"] / 48 V / 19.2 Ah / $2,099 52 V / 19.2 Ah / $2,399 I have uploaded photos of the unboxing here. Busy week at work so I will post updates as time allows, but so far...
  4. T

    Bafang bbs02 help

    Help.... I just finished replacing my new rotor and nylon gear and pinion gear in my bafang bbs02. Motor turns on fine, but only spins inside without pulling chain and turning the rear wheel??? Everything is plugged in correctly! Hope somebody know of this problem..

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