1. N

    Petite rider ISO basic, lightweight ride

    I'm new to the ebike world, looking for a relatively lightweight ride to give just a little more oomph to my speed on mixed-use urban roads, and add some fun to my errand runs. Background / use: My "analog" bike is a 1980s touring Trek with very aggressive geometry and razor-thin tires. I...
  2. W

    Major When Coasting

    Hey All, Is it normal when not using the motor or when coasting to feel like you are slowing down way too fast? I hear something rubbing when I just walk the bike but can't see anything obvious. Maybe the disc brake isn't centered enough on the front tire? Anyone else have this issue? It's...
  3. R

    **Like New Schwinn Sycamore Electric 350 Watt Bike w/ 1-Yr Warranty** - $950

    Bike is in like-new condition, with original plastic wrap and box/packaging. Great fun, with a high-torque rear hub-drive motor that quickly accelerates to 20 mph with minimal effort! I just don't use the bike like I thought that I would. Full disclosure: I am the original owner and have had no...
  4. Cmsawyer12

    Aventon speed

    Hello… this will be my second aveton (after the first got stolen) Same model, except my first one went up to 27 mph…this one will not pass 16?!?! I have already tried to adjust the speed settings, but it doesn’t change anything.. any help would be appreciated!
  5. AgentElectric

    Suntour NCX Suspension Seat Post and Aventon Pace 500 (1st Gen) Fender Set (Small)

    NCX Suspension Seat Post Used for one ride, but I couldn't get the seat to go low enough (Would not recommend for anyone shorter than 5'5"). $60 Firm + Actual Shipping Cost Fender Set Brand new and never installed. These things are probably expensive to ship due to the size, so ideally pick-up...
  6. R

    *Like New Schwinn Sycamore Electric 48v 350 Watt Mountain/Hybrid Bike - $750*

    Greetings - Bike is barely used like-new condition, with original plastic wrap (see lead photo) and box/packaging. Great fun, with a high-torque rear hub-drive motor that quickly accelerates to 20 mph with minimal effort! Full disclosure: I am the original owner...just don't use the bike like I...
  7. M

    Sondors fold XS vs Aventon Sinch

    Besides the design, what is the different between those two bikes? Which one has a better review, and why? Thank you. Mathieu
  8. R

    Looking for a commuter e-bike

    Hello, I'm looking for a commuter e-bike. I like an upright seating position and a step-through frame. I like a strong motor (450 and above) and heavy duty battery. I'm a big guy and live in San Francisco so lots of hills to deal with. I have been looking at Aventon and Ride1up. Any...
  9. webopus

    Aventon Aventure SOLD

    This Aventure is brand new with 0 miles on the odometer. It's a beautiful Medium/Large SoCal Sand, 750W rear hub motor E-bike with a 48V, 15Ah battery. It features a throttle and 5 levels of pedal-assist, providing a maximum speed of 34 mph. This is a cash & carry deal for anybody willing to...
  10. tolivercrash

    Has anyone added a front rack to an Aventon Level?

    I have owned and ridden the hell out of a RadMini from RadPowerBikes for two years and over 3,300 miles. However I’m looking at a more standard sized bike such as the Aventon Level to replace the Rad. One useful thing the RadMini has is a front rack from the manufacturer. I don’t see anything...
  11. FastLyfeG

    2nd\Spare Battery Solution?

    As I do my usual late night Mod hunting\research browsing I came across this and looking at the identical specs and that its also using Samsung Cells Im curious to know if this could be a 2nd or spare battery option for the Aventon Level Im no electrical engineer so I thought Id post this and...
  12. l3n

    Aventon Level or....

    Hey All! I am considering my first eBike purchase. I want a Class 3 with a throttle and removable battery to use primarily for relatively flat city commuting in Philadelphia. I expect to rely heavy on the throttle during the hot and humid summer months so that I don't arrive at work in a...
  13. S

    e-bike Rookie | 1st e-bike purchase advice

    First-time poster, future first-time owner! Looking for some advice on my first e-bike purchase: 1. I won't be commuting, but looking for a bike to enjoy around town, up and down the hilly roads of Atlanta. 2. As strange as this sounds (since it appears that most of the higher-quality ebikes...
  14. E

    Is the new Aventon Level a better choice than Ride1Up 700?

    First, thank you for a fantastic site. The reviews and info are terrific for someone just considering the purchase. I have been watching reviews and reading as much as I can to gain some ebike knowledge as I am ready to make a purchase. I have narrowed it down to, I believe a final 2 choices...
  15. A

    Looking for an e-bike that can help me go car free

    I've got an old car, that I'd like to not have to replace. I have a short commute to work, about 8 miles round trip, and currently have a road bike. I live in the midwest and don't do much biking in the winter when their is snow since my road bike doesn't handle it well. I've started looking...