1. ebikecali

    Trek XM700+ (2016 vs 2017 vs 2018 vs...)

    Hi everyone, I was trying to find out the differences between the Trek XM700+ year models (2016, 2017 and 2018) but could not find enough information online so I wanted to include my findings in this thread and keep it open for future models as well. Between Trek XM700+ 2016 and 2017, the only...
  2. Shaggy

    Anyone have a 1-page guide to decipher Haibike names ?

    This may be the best one-page guide to haibikes. I'm a 2016 haibikes-on-sale shopper, but I was dismayed at how Haibike complicated its product lines even more with the 2017 line. https://www.e-bikeshop.co.uk/blog/post/haibike-xduro-bosch-ebike-range-2016/ If anyone has a better guide, please...
  3. eagamer80

    I just bought my Turbo FLR (Sweden)

    Hello guys, First post here. I am happy I found this forum of people sharing experiences with the Specialized ebikes, specially the Turbo brand. I recently adquire one Turbo FLR 2016 here in Sweden (200W motor, 28km/h max (17,4 m/h), mainly for commuting 44km every day (27 miles) in total. I...
  4. SpiderDice

    (2016) - Standard water bottle bracket?

    Is this a standard water bottle bracket/adapter on the side of the bike? Would this one from Amazon work? https://www.amazon.com/Avenir-Alloy-Water-Bicycle-Bottle/dp/B001V68806