Z1 - Intermittent Power Cut Off solved


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Loudoun County, VA.
Updated 7/1/2023 - Same problem occurred, same fix. Seems to be a routine maintenance issue with battery receiver pins.

UPDATED 12/5/2022
- Installation of a (35mm X 35mm X 5mm) foam pad on the upper part of the battery solved below problem along with prying the battery connectors closer together to make contact with the cradle pins.

The problem occurred after 1,200 miles of hard riding. I know this is most likely a battery pin connection issue, or loose cable, just wanted to see if anyone else had a similar problem:

When entering the low point of a downhill run, then pulling g-forces to go up the hill my electric shuts down, display blank. The system turns back on with the long pres of the on/off pad switch. The problem showed up at 1200 miles. Today with 1400 miles it was pronounced and happened when I started hitting regular bumps and curbs, not only when pulling G's.

If you have had a similar problem with the Luna Z1 or X2. let me know what you did to fix.

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I am documenting what I have done to hopefully solved the problem

1. I removed the battery, and using a tiny screwdriver I pried the female slots closer together so they would envelop the 4 rectangular pins in the base of the battery cradle. They seemed at first to be spread far apart to maximum distance. They look more tight now like the image below.
Screenshot 2022-11-16 195406.jpg

2. I jostled/stressed the wires coming out of the on/off pad and display to see if they were loose and if the display would cut off. It did not cut off.
3. I added a piece of foam on the upper part of the battery where it meets the upper inside frame wall. Previously , there was some tiny amount of play in the battery once it was locked in place. There is no more play, it seems pretty tight.


4. I powered up the bike and dropped the bike from 2 feet several times, it did not shut off.

I've taken the bike out for about 3 hours and it did not shut off after going over bumps and pulling G's that would normally cause it to shut off. Seems like the problem was solved. After speaking with the Luna Cycle Tech, it was most likely the foam pad that solved the problem.
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I noticed some battery rattle on my first ride and solved it by putting a piece of cardboard fit into the frame cover. Cheap and effective.
I noticed some battery rattle on my first ride and solved it by putting a piece of cardboard fit into the frame cover. Cheap and effective.
Yup, with the few things that I did, the foam pad was probably the solution.
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Update 1,700 miles. The installation of a (35mm X 35mm X 5mm) Dense foam pad (red square) did solve the problem. No cutoff problems since.

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Had the same cut off problem today that I did back in November 22'. Power shut down over rough terrain. The solution was the same as in post from November 16. I used a small screwdriver to pry the receiver connectors inward to make better contact with the battery cradle pins.
Worked like a charm.