Your favorite bike app?


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Hey guys,

Which smartphone apps do you use when biking? I am new to bike world and need some recommendations?
Hey guys,

Which smartphone apps do you use when biking? I am new to bike world and need some recommendations?
Mainstream predominantly use Strava
I use this one which I find very accurate and useful (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
I use the free app Endomondo. It has settings for +20 other sports you can track your GPS data, calories, distance, route, etc... The app is smart enough to know when you stop (like at an intersection) to pause data recording and resume when you start moving. It counts the time you are actually moving/exercise instead of when you start/stop the app. I like that it traces your start and route on a map with a line if you explore unfamiliar paths. I even use this app when I went to Venice Beach, CA, and I was able to walk the beach and neighborhoods and always knew how to get back to my car (and keep track of my exercise level).

Downsides are it does use your data and it can eat your battery power. I have 30GB of data per month and have an mophie battery case for extra power for my iPhone.
Find my car
Free on Android playstore. Shows GPS picture of where you parked , and where you are on the trail.
Map my Ride is my go to bike app.

Just bought a Wahoo Element bike computer and have used Ride with GPS app. Easy way to load ride maps with cues to work with Wahoo Element
I like the CA3 from Gin along with a logging device. Not a smart phone but really data that provides real useful information on my trip and battery. Anther of those expensive options I'm so fond of. Around $255. As yet none of the smart phone apps provide me with any really useful information or data that amounts to more than cute stuff. From a technical standpoint at least. More manufacturers are adding CA connectors to their controllers. The fine tuning available is quite amazing. But it is somewhat steep as learning curves go. But for advanced systems and high end bikes the information is invaluable for trouble shooting. Bosch and other mid drive systems are getting better and better at providing usable data.

Completely off topic but perhaps the least talked about device and yet the most valuable tool for trouble shooting is a simple auto off digital multimeter. When someone develops a multimeter interface and a real programming interface that works consistently for my iPhone I will be finally excited. So far all bluetooth apps have been disappointments. Not unlike my Halo hearing aids. The bluetooth control is wonderful, when it fully integrated. But it's spotty. Like 3 systems I've tried from ebike component manufacturers.

CA3 and CA2.3
The V2.3 device is a comprehensive electric vehicle display showing your battery voltage, amp-hours, and all your speed and distance stats, and is suitable when you just want to see the performance of an EV without changing the behavior. The newer V3 Cycle Analyst has all the functionality of the V2.3 device and also lets you control your ebike via the Cycle Analyst, to enable pedalec modes with torque sensors, temperature monitoring with thermal rollback, advanced throttle controls etc.

The CA–DP model is tidiest if you are running a direct drive hub motor since it will pick up your wheel speed without any extra wires, while the CA–DPS model is necessary with gear

Cycle Analogger with GPS

Simultaneously saves the Cycle Analyst output data and GPS data to a MicroSD memory card. Data can be read with card reader or USB cable

Comes with:

  • USB cable for PC
  • DC power cable for connection to battery pack or Cycle Analyst
  • Stereo audio Cable for data signal
  • Data cable from CA (red to tx, black to gnd)
  • 1GB MicroSD card