XPremium Kickstand, Center stand options

Richard B.

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Of all the mods and things I'm doing to these bikes, I'm already seeing the silly little side kickstand is inadequate. Loaded up with cargo racks and eventually the junk they will carry, I can see future expletives especially where uneven ground or soft soils are involved but I'm not even sure that pavement is certain for any front rack load. A dual-leg center stand seems like it would be a solid upgrade, has anyone here done that? The motor protection boss seems ideal for a center stand anchor, though unique to this model in design, the usual point just aft of the motor for such things would suffice however finding a 20" fat tire center stand that can handle the 150lbs of bike+total load yet get out of the way of the tire/chain is the primary issue. Who else has had/solved this issue?
Interesting idea, though the bike has 3" tires rather than 4", and the bottom bracket mount problem would have to be solved: there's a company duluth-cycle.com, that has an adapter plate for fatty's that is made from milled aluminum which is $50, seems like a lot for something I can cut and likely will have to anyway to fit. Besides, I wanted to mount my 12V accessory converter above the bottom bracket right below the battery.

Looks like a phone call to Lectric tomorrow, thanks for the head's up...
Would this work?

Ended up cancelling after getting product details; bottom bracket mount points between the two bikes are different; S73 is well forward since it part of the frame ahead of the trailing arm suspension. What this means is the 'Y' leg spread of the stand when retracted will clear the fat tires. On Lectric, the bottom bracket point is much closer to the tire, so when retracted the 'Y' of the stand would hit the tire.
No, still an issue. I have a stand for a grom (small yamaha) which seems beefy enough, but have yet to sit down and machine an adapter. In the mean time, we make sure to set the bikes next to something to keep them from falling over (even each other).