XL (21”) frame step-through (or low step over) class 2 “comfort” bike—does it exist?


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I’ve been searching for a step through class 2 (with throttle only capability) in an XL 21” frame size, but the largest I’ve found is 19”. The 19” one I tested seemed a little cramped, so was hoping to find a larger frame size. My top choice in a 19” frame is the Zen Photon, ticking all the boxes on my want list other than a bigger frame. A low step over 21” frame class 2 might exist, but there seem to be very few XL frame class 2 bikes at all. If the Zen Samurai was a class 2, I’d probably forgo the step through Zen and try that in XL frame size.

I realize that a 19” frame would “work” for my 6-3 frame, but seems less than optimal geometry compared to a larger frame size.