Work on Turbo bottom bracket


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Has anyone had any work done on the Turbo S bottom bracket? I'm thinking having my LBS working on it and wonder if the bottom bracket is fair game for non Turbo Trained technician or whether there are some electronic components in the bottom bracket? I am assuming it should be ok for him to work on it. Thoughts?
I have not, as I am not an owner. From a general knowledge perspective for all, I am aware that some Specialized dealers are licensed to sell the eBikes in the brand and some are not. The point of differentiation is the purchasing a given quantity in addition to web based training centric to the eBike specifically. At a minimum I would ensure that the shop has this designation, in addition to being a Specialized dealer obviously if you feel the issue may be in touch with the electronic components at any point. That can be found by visiting the Specialized site and dealer locate.

Hopefully someone has had work done that can comment to that extent.
Small wires for the lights and rear sensors run under the bottom bracket. They are accessed by a cover plate in the frame under the bottom braket. Possibly not a problem for a careful and seasoned mechanic.
I had some clicking noise coming from the bottom bracket during high torque pedaling so I asked the seller if there is anything can be done about it. He opened it up and put some Locktite Blue to stabilise the bearing cases. I think the clicking sound was reduced. I think it is standard bracket that any bike shop can deal with. Just needs a MegaEvo386 adapter to open it.
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