Wider tires


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Has anyone done or considered installing a wider tire than the stock 2.3 tire on their Pace. Is that even possible to fit inside the forks. I would like up to a 2.8 wide for riding on the sandy canal roads.
Yes, several people have done that size without any issues. Schwalbe Super Moto X tire is one of the models someone used. If you do Facebook, join the Aventon group and do a search for tires and you'll find some posts regarding 2.8".
I would also like to use a wider tire, but I didn’t think that you could do it. Those of you who switched to a wider tire please let us know how the bike responds and what is the size you went to.
I'm also curious about this, but more specifically, if anybody has put mtb, studded winter, or gravel tires on the Pace. I would expect the clearance to be slightly smaller for tires that have knobs on them like mtb or especially winter tires on them. For that matter, I would suspect there would also be clearance issues with fenders if you have them -- I actually don't have any fenders yet, but I would surely need them if I'm thinking of taking the local trail connectors to the bike paths; I imagine larger tires might mandate using a third-party "universal" alternative rather than the Aventon-branded ones?