Wide vs narrow

Off road all day

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I bought a 1.75 big lugged tire from amazon, installed it and was not impressed. Skinny and small to say the least. I'm thinking it still might be good for snow and slush on the E-bike.
UNREAL! This thing on the rear cuts trough snow while my front 1.95 plows it. getting one for the front.
If you have groomed trails i can see a fat tire bike but here the nearest trail is further than my 30 amp hour can take me.
If you want to cut off-road in the snow this is the tire
I'm confused. Did you buy the 1.75" or the 1.95", or both? Whichever it was (they were) did you find it (them) effective or not? If it was both, was the point of this to compare 1.75" and 1.95" versions of the same tire? The way I read your post your first line (three sentences) is contradicted by your second line.