Which is better, mid-drive or two speed hub?

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Prodeco Tech is offering an ebike with a two speed hub motor. It is automatic. When you are going slow or just need power, it is in low. When you are moving along, it is in cruise. Obviously, this wins for simplicity, user friendliness.

Most of the low end mid-drives shift harshly because there is power on the chain as it tries to jump to the next sprocket. There are probably simple solutions for this. Right now, telling a new ebike buyer that there is a shifting 'procedure' may make for a tough sale. There are rather simple sensor solutions for this problem, but they have not moved down into the value market yet.

The Sram system is low power or, well, Euro Power. On the other hand, if you are moving along at a reasonable speed, you don't need much power. If you have to climb a hill, you shift a gear and get up the hill, probably rather slowly. It basically solves some percentage of what ails the European standard, at least until you get into the beefier people.

I still see ebikes as an urban transporation solution, skewed toward people who need affordable transport. This seems to work pretty well, in theory. Right now this is an OEM product, but I understand the Chinese are working on similar products.

This is from Electricbike dot com:

The Xiongda “double speed” motor is a milestone design. It takes a simple and easy to install hub-motor kit, and dramatically increases its hill-climbing ability. This creates a 6th ebike system category (direct-drive hub, geared hub, mid-drive through the gears, mid-motor left-side-drive, 2WD, and now…2-speed geared hub).

The only size available right now is a small hub designed to work with the European 16-MPH speed limit at 36V. The good news is that I’ve been informed that E-bike giant Bafang was quite excited about it at the 2014 Taipei bike show and we may be seeing a collaboration between these two in the near future. I can only hope that it is a larger US-legal 20-MPH hub at 36V X 21A = 750W.


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