what is your XP 3.0 settings


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finally got my xp 3.0 on the road today and road it to work.i rode my xp 2.0 yesterday.what a differance!!! my xp 2.0 i was hitting speeds of 28-33 mph (yes i changed gearing equal to the xp 3.0) BUT THE XP 3.0 couldnt hit speeds higher than 23 mph.yes i like the handling and the brakes are outstanding but its a tortous compared to my speedy gonzales xp 2.0. does any one have some ideas for me????? when pas @5 and cruise control is on 23 mph and i stop peddling the speed drops to 18 mph asap like the xp gods hit the brakes just so slow of a machine. i do have P08 set to 100 but it needs more help in the configuration systems
What is your tire size and PSI set at? Not sure if you're measuring speed with GPS or radar but maybe adjusting the tire size setting could make more accuracy at the speedo?

Glad to hear your brakes are working well. Mine are still very squeaky and required quite a bit of re-calibration. 10 miles of use and they're out of wack again. My XPremium and XPLite are fine. This bike has been trouble out of the box. Was delivered with un-trued spokes on the front wheel and it's letting is completely off-white compared with the back wheel. Talked my parents and a couple friends into getting 3.0's and they all have brake adjustment issues as well.
Email lectric they are setting All 3.0xp people with hydraulic brakes you have to ask for them and install