What is Your opinion/experience on the badass box for Bosch active line plus ...


First i m super happy with the bike, yesterday i did 70km with 1100 meters of climbing mostly in Eco mode and at the end i had still 4 battery bars.
So i was between 60 and 79% -- the purion really suck for battery state with 20% precision),

The seller had a badhass box on it, but i could not test it since i just climbed up at about 25km/h and went down over 40 for a short test of 10km.
So the badhass box was never really of any use, i watched my speed on my garmin.

The very great advantage of Bosch over many others is that the engine power is proportionnal to yours, so in eco mode you just fell 20 years younger, in touring 25 years younger and very fit and i m not event speaking about sport and turbo.

So i m interested in the badhass box, going at the speed of the trafic (30-40, 40 being really the max) would be great on some roads. It seems that the badhass box won't be dangerous since my undrstanding is that if i stop pedaling the motor stops too, and i i pedal with small power the motor will also use a small power.

But first does it work ? It simply modify the sensor data providing the speed date, you can do it for free by measuring the cranck number of rotations but it is a bit cumbersome and it cannot be removed at will.

The advantage os the badhass is that you can plug it in and remove it in 5 seconds.

The first drawback is that the speed and odometers are wrong, but you can use another device like a Garmin. The second is the price, 140 euro for a trivial component is quite a lot.

So anyway what is your experience with that chip ? is is waterproof ? How long last the battery? How reliable is it ?