What is an Electric Mountain Bike? New ebike Guide

Ann M.

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The trail in Court's new Guide sure looks appealing! A nice expose about ebikes designed to handle mountain bike trails without damaging them.

As motor and battery technology has become tougher, lighter weight and more powerful, electric mountain bikes have become a reality and are now widely accepted worldwide. In this video I explain what an electric mountain bike is and try to answer some general ebike questions including:

- How fast can an electric bike go? Class 1 is 20 mph with pedal assist only, Class 2 is 20 mph with throttle and Class 3 is up to 28 mph but tends to be more restricted by trails
- How far can an electric mountain bike go? Depending on the battery pack and motor power output (along with terrain, wind and rider weight) most can reach 20+ miles per charge
- How long does it take to charge? Usually you can fill a 500 watt battery within six hours, the first two hours charge much faster because the cells are not being actively balanced so expect 50%+
- Are electric bikes allowed on mountain bike trails? Are they legal? In many situations they are allowed anywhere a traditional bicycle is allowed as long as they are Class 1 (pedal assist up to 20 mph)
- How heavy are electric mountain bikes? The bike I showed in this video, the 2016 IZIP E3 Peak, weighs 49 pounds but the battery and wheels are removable for easier transport which combined weigh roughly 10 pounds
- How loud are the? Depending on the motor used, electric mountain bikes tend to be very quiet, often the noise generated by the tires on the trail at medium speed are equal to the sound volume of the motor

For more information and reviews visit: https://electricbikereview.com/guides...
On that note Ann, I popped out today and visited the South Downs again.

39.5 miles with 4,078' of elevation gain.


Sadly the sun wasn't shinning, but it was still great to be out using an e-mtb for intended use. :)

zz1.jpg zz2.jpg zz3.jpg zz7.JPG zz8.JPG
Well the new bike has arrived, and I'm in love. :)

I really rate hardtail mtb's and this one certainly doesn't disappoint.

The first ride was intentionally a dry road ride, as I needed to ensure that the saddle height was in the correct climb position before fitting a Rockshox Stealth dropper post to the bike, and I didn't fancy pulling down a muddy bike.

KTM Macina Race.JPG


And loving the look of the CX motor. It was even easier to remove that the Performance Line. :)

Bosch CX.JPG
That is a nice looking bike! The motor style has a bit more of a look like the Yamaha....which I like. On the bike though it still looks less integrated than the Yamaha motors do I the haibike. That is a nice looking bike though regardless!
Interestingly, I have gone right away from the integrated look, and now see it as unnecessary on an e-mtb, preferring just a more functional and less bulky look.

Odd though, as an integrated look was my one and only concern with my first bike choice, the BH. I really loved the smooth lines, and it was that sold the bike to me. Strange how things change, but it it's good that we all like different things, as it would be pretty and dull and boring if we were all after the same. :)

I'm hoping to fit find the time tomorrow evening to fit the dropper post, then the fun of riding the bike can begin. :)
I'm taking part in the first organised mtb event of the year this coming weekend, and figured that I would use the new bike for it, so gave it an off road shake down last night.

It's a job to describe just how much fun that it is without swearing!:D

I also christened the bike with a crash and face plant into the under growth. I was exceeding the capabilities of the Schwalbe Rocket Ron tyres, but at least that one is out the way now, and I can concentrate on using the bike for it's intended use.

Macina Race 1.JPG

Macina Race 2.JPG

Macina Race 3.JPG