What exactly is the Speed Limit settings doing?


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Looking at the Speed Limit settings there's a dropdown to set the speed, a check box marked "Set" and a checkbox marked "Cruise Restrict":


If you click "Set" it will set the max speed to be whatever the dropdown is set to?
What is Cruise Restrict? Does it force your system to use the on-road speed limits?
If yes, how does it impact the dropdown + Set setting?
Or maybe it locks the motor in Cruise mode, allowing you to go into off-road speed limit territory?

Or perhaps most importantly, why does the Falco interface use the Adobe Flash icon as an indicator of when your settings have been broadcasted?!?!?! : )

Working with the Falco system has felt a lot like feeling around for a light switch in a dark room. They've built an impressive product, now they just need to fork over some money on better interface and instructional design. : )
Those speed settings have been disabled. Just leave them blank. It is permanently set to "Cruise" mode on the USA version. The Cruise restrict used to allow the user to disable Cruise mode (ostensibly for their kids perhaps?) but I'm told that is disabled now as well.

Falco has been putting in a lot of time lately updating their website and doing some new instructional videos. Here's a good one that explains a lot of what the software can and can't do.

My USA Falco is not set permantly to cruise. That was part of a firmware update that loses the heart rate monitor function, so I won't be using it.
That said, now it stays on Cruise when powered down and back up, but Falco says you have to reset it each time on power up for it to actually function as Cruise or Turbo. That it starts in Eco mode on startup no matter what display shows. FWIW
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