What are the differences between these 2 type motors?


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We all are not strange about the magnet plate inside of hub motor,with the help of them when electricity go through copper wires motor will rotate.

There are two types of the magnet plate on the market,
1st is the tile type magnet plate.
2nd is the straight panel magnet plate.

Here are how they are used inside of electric bike motor.
As you can see,first one is the tile plate type and another is the straight plate type.



What are the differences?

There are two differences here i would like to discuss with you.
First is the air gap different,below is the picture as you can see the difference very easily.
The 1st is tile type plate magnet,the air gap between magnet and stator(silicion sheet) is same distance and smooth we can measure as L=δ
2nd is the straight plate magnet,the air gap between magnet and stator is not smooth and different distance,we can hardly measure the distance, we can only call as L=⊿,there are many round space between magnet&magnet and 2 matching magnet with stator.
With the smooth distance between magnet and stator motor will running in a better condition,the starting toruqe is higher,the efficiency is higher,as well as longer using life.


Second difference is the magnetic induction lines(Of course that the magnetic induction lines are not go straight,they are going round magnet just for short introduction layout).A tile type magnet will concentration induction lines and which will focus on the stator. Because the stator is tile type as well,the induction lines thus will perfectly go through the stator. Concentration the induction lines will be much better both on motor efficiency as well as decrease the hot.The using life would be much longer and in a more health way.

However the straight type plate magnet,magnetic induction lines are all parallel,as you can see the induction lines will not match stator very well.Which will lead to magnetic induction lines loses,decrease the efficiency as well as rise higher temperature.


Above are the main differences between two motors,what is your motor type?
Let's feel free to discuss about it :)
@rich c yes you are right, i'm not sure if there are any authority to test and have a obvious result on how the exact data different between them.Currently the gearless motors are all straight plate magnet,and geared motors however some are straight plate magnet some are tile plate magnet.From technical aspect and experience&acknowledge i think we can tell which is better, tile one or straight one.
@ebikemom To tell a motor is tile plate magnet or a straight plate magnet is not easy from outside of motor casing,we will need to open it and check.From the market now in this business,ebike geared hub motors 250W/350W/500W produced in Suzhou area is all tile plate magnet,including Bafang,shengyi,Xiongda and our motors,since in China most of ebike motor scale quality manufactures are in Suzhou area,many companies use the straight plate magnets of 350W/500W geared motor is because their cheaper price.Completely ebikes mostly produced in Wuxi some changzhou of Jiangsu province,some zhejiang province and some guangdong province.