We just got our bikes this afternoon!

Mary Barrow

New Member
We are so excited. Our two interceptor bikes arrived this afternoon. We assembled them (which took maybe a half hour total) and took them for a short spin up our street . It has been raining on and off this whole week so we took advantage of the lull and tested these guys out. WOW, is all I can say. We tested them out at our dealer at the beginning of December and weren't really expecting them until the first of the year so we were very surprised to get a call from the freight company saying they had a delivery for us.

My only question right now are what are the two black knobs that are in the package with the tools and fuse? I have been trying to find it in the book and on the internet but could not find anything.

I am sure we will have many more questions after our first ride. The weather is suppose to be better on Sunday so we will shoot for that day. We are definitely having a Merry Christmas this year!!
Awesome early Christmas! Could the 'black knobs' be part of the packing, keeping the axles from penetrating the shipping box? Maybe post a pic. Tomorrow will be warmer here too, think I may drive out to the single track for some turns and wimpy jumps. -S
The black knobs are in the bag that contains the wrench and the two allen wrenches and the extra fuse. We took our first ride today (first day without rain in about a week) and it was wonderful. We rode 5 miles in a little over 30 minutes and it seemed like we could have gone another 10. This bike makes it so easy to do things we were unable to do before. We know we were getting exercise because our legs were tired but not aching like before.
Congratulations! My electric bike has enabled me to ride a bike again - bad knee. I feel like superwoman or, at least, like I am 20 again. I always ride so I get exercise. Meaning I use the lower PAS settings and only go higher when I am going uphill. Enjoy.