Way to up stability at low speeds?


My dog likes to trot next to me while I'm on my Pedego. I've got her on a stretchy leash attacked to a chest-type harness, so, no, I am not dragging her around by the collar. My main problem is, she's a small dog and I can't go slow enough without a lot of wobble. I'm generally moving around 3.5 - 4 mph, which she's good with for a while, but we'd be able to go much further if I could hold myself to 2.5 or 3 mph.
so, is there any way to increase stability?
should tires be inflated more or less? what about seat/handle bar heights? anything else?
(if there was any kind of slick, adult-bike training wheels, i'd even try that .... )
That looks like about your only option. That is just not enough momentum to otherwise keep the bike upright and going straight, it is basically walking speed.
airing your tires down will definitely help. As will going fatter as the rim size allows. Finally, the trainers. (jmo) Be in your lowest gear! Spinning lightly and easily so not much input in energy or significant power strokes (leg pushes) that are disrupting to balance.
Barely moving the pedals is hard to balance, spinning the pedals quickly but very lightly creates cyntrifical force that helps keep the bike upright.
Really good riders can stay upright at stops without putting a foot down. I've never been that good. LOL
Still, there is plenty of data that supports the idea that balance work is one of the best ways to stay mentally and physically strong as we age.
Consider tuning the tires as much as reasonable and look at it as training time for you as well as workout for him.
What I do is pull a kiddie trailer with my small dog running next to me at faster speeds for shorter durations. When he's had enough he looks at me and we stop and he jumps in the trailer for some recovery/ride time. Usually wants out another time or two and then he's good to just ride. :)
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thanks for the training wheels link. if they folded up out of the way when not in use, i'd actually consider them.

mlb: right now, i can go the slowest by riding side saddle and dragging one foot, but i'm still wobbling all over the place. i'll try letting air out of the tires and riding in the lowest possible gear, an idea i'd never thought of before. thanks!
omg i have tried this so many times.....and have really thought about this.

I think the best way is to ride one handed and trian the dog....but always be able to let go of the leash if the dog lunges at something....

it just takes good training of the dog hopefully form the time he is a puppy....its not easy.
I am using one of these: https://www.amazon.com/Walky-Dog-Exerciser-strength-Paracord/dp/B003OYIAW4 . my dog loves the thing and is able to safely and smartly trot next to me but only if i'm going slow enough, because she is small. most often, i just walk the bike, which is fine, but i tire more quickly than she does, hence my search for a slow-mo way to ride the thing.
interestly, i've found that i can just skip the leash and she'll still trot next to me, untethered, but i'm not comfortable with that unless far from crowds and other people on bikes.
If you really want stability ;)
Note WalkyDog mount on right side of frame