Watt Wagons- if you had to pick between two set ups


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So I have worked out two Watt Wagon bikes based on my budget that interest me and both have pros and cons. I've never ridden titanium nor used an internal hub, but I was doing centuries and bike/bus commuting for years. I hate maintenance and the derailleur/chain is a pain in general but on an ebike I can only think it would be a real pain for a commuter.

I weigh 280, most of my ride is flat; <300 climbing feet each ride generally, but I do have a few hills at 10% incline I might want to climb for fun; I will mostly commute 13 miles each way and likely go full on throttle in the morning and then do something in eco mode to get a workout coming home. I probably won't need the speed capability.

I am looking between the Helio and the UC Commuter pro. Both will get the 2300 motor, de-restricted.
  • Helio: carbon, but with Rohloff IGH
  • UC Commuter Pro: Titanium, with SA IGH. (How hard would it be to upgrade later the IGH if I want to upgrade?)
If anyone has any suggestions of similar bikes for me to consider, please let me know.

I like their bikes too, but I don't have much in the way of advice besides sticking with the high end of power/torque on the market at 280. I am 200 "dry" myself. Tubesets tend to be rated for ~275lbs so bear that in mind (I believe WattWagons can be spec'ed higher).

Frey is another maker to consider-they have the same motor.
I'd vote for the Helios over the UC Commuter Pro, but that might be because I've ordered a Helios. ;)
The one thing I didn't like about the Commuter Pro was the exposed cables. I much prefer the look of a bike with hidden cables.
A little update: @pushkar responded to a private convo that he'd recommend the titanium, the SA would limit my speed to 32 (in their tests). If I went with the Sturney Archer IGH, I could easily upgrade to premium IGH later. Constantly pushing the SA to 32 is probably not going to end well I assume. This is so hard. 😖😖

So I guess I won't tell my wife and just let her see the bill.... lol (she wants to use our joint card for the points). She sees this as a toy and not as a serious mode of transpo ("You could buy a cheap car at that price") but to me it is the only mode to commute. When I borrow her car on days I need to drive somewhere I can feel my soul being sucked away as I fight people over every inch of the road, and listen to commercial after commercial, stuck in traffic surrounded by polluting cars. If there is a hell, mine will be an eternity of being in a Los Angeles traffic jam and the only radio station plays commercials for erectile dysfunction and and the one song is the Rolling Stone's Satisfaction (great song but for eternity?) I rely on it every day and want to enjoy something I will be on for 2 hours, 5 days a week. Ha-ha.... ok, I will put the added cost on my separate card and not say anything .... 🕺She won't know. lol.