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Hey just wondering what brand water bottle cage / which water bottle everyone is using. I'm finding it hard to locate one that will fit well. I have a 10.4 battery but it's more the height of most water bottles that's the problem.
Hi Darren, a good advice is to visit your local Bike Shop to see and fit the models they offer. We do carry our own cage and cat get it at the webshop.
The added pics are on a Large frame. The blue bottle is 9 in tall and the purple is a Blender Bottle. The medium frame will not fit the larger bottle due to the sizing difference



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Any bottle cage will work. I use a 12 oz Polar insulated water bottle. It's fits well on the medium frame, but the insulating feature isn't great & the bottle leaves a plastic taste. I wish Camelback made a smaller size of their insulated bottle because it's the opposite of the Polar.
Thanks Luis, yes I do have the medium frame but the Juiced cage looks pretty solid, didn't realize they offered one! Gonna look at a few shorter bottle options too.

mrgold35, that looks pretttttty sweet
yeah Youth I was hoping there was a cage that fit on there that allowed a taller water bottle to fit, but it looks like that's not possible. I do hate that plastic-y taste haha gonna try to get stainless steel