warning to others using large mtn bike pedals, wellgo etc- tie them down


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honestly i am a casual rider and even when doing 15-20 miles had zero problems using the upgraded folding pedals on 2 of my first bikes

but i read all about how great the wellgos and shimano saints are, so bought some saints for the easy motion street and the radrover came with wellgos

i HATE these things

have 2 - of course my most expensive bikes- chewed up major hauling on the rack because of these huge pedals
and i dont mean they are scratched they are majorly gouged
one on the frame and one on the pedal arm

dont know if it is my 1up rack or what
i am using pedal socks - started with these because the fat pedals were going to scratch my truck bumper ....
and am bungee cording the pedals down now and still had a problem today

if they touch anything, and they will because they are so wide, they scratch it badly or gouge it, especially if you are hauling 200-300 miles

i can understand maybe men with larger feet need the bigger pedals and probably people riding lots of miles or off road
but for others unless you feel you need them i think they are way more trouble than they are worth

trying to get them through the door at my house is way more of a hassle than the 2 bikes without them

off my rant but wanted to warn others that these are way bigger than other pedals and at least on my 1up they will interfere with each other , never even knew this issue existed until buying these , zero problems with the other bikes without them and i hauled them plenty
want to update this

right now half my bikes are at the shop getting mods, one is in phx getting electrical mods etc- so i cannot test things on the rack

but the more i think about this issue am wondering how much the fat bike has to do with it

another thing i noticed is my 1up does not seem to offset the bikes as much as my friends yakima holdup..
she says 2 mtn bikes with large pedals cannot touch at all on her rack, but they are definitely more offset than mine

the other day i had the easy motion street on the first slot with no pedals at all
and the rover backwards in the 2nd slot with folding pedals and still the pedal/pedal arms run into each other

when i get all the bikes home and have some time to load and unload bikes i will put the normal sized bikes up with large pedals on and see if any of them can hit

and then will see what happens with the rover and mini...

either way others should be aware of this issue- probably more for novice people like me

but make sure the bikes cannot interfere and tie the pedal arms to the frames