Walk Assist Mode as Pseudo-Cruise Control on Bafang Ultra


Hi everyone,

Using the Bafang Ultra M510 / G620 Mid Drive Motor on my fat tire ebike, I've stumbled across a pseudo cruise control mode.

When in PAS0 (no assistance from the motor), if you hold down the 'negative/down' button on the handlebar controls, if you're in a small cog (11 tooth, high gear such as 9), the bike will continuously propel you at about 5 MPH, as long as you're holding down the 'down' button.

This really only works well on flat ground, and may work on a slight incline if you put the gears into perhaps a mid-gear such as 5 or so, although further testing would be desired here.

The advantage of using this over the throttle as 'cruise control' is that a slight wrong maneuver on the throttle could send you flying off the ebike, since the throttle seems to override the PAS setting. This means that even in PAS1 in Eco mode, a full engagement of the throttle will give you (seemingly) the equivalent of a PAS5 setting in Sport mode, which could be dangerous if you get distracted and accidentally pull the throttle more than you expected, potentially throwing you off the bike.

(Apparently there is some hardware-based product from a company called 'Crystalyte' according to a post in a Bafang Facebook Group, outlined here, but it's more equipment to install and also takes up precious handlebar space for the controls: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2323768714344360/permalink/5162375823816954/)

Please share any thoughts you may have on the topic of Cruise Control for the Bafang Ultra, or other neat related tricks.