Voltmeter used to check battery voltage?


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My wife recently purchased an Aventon Pace 500.2 bike. I pulled the battery off the charger earlier today and wanted to check the voltage using my voltmeter. I did not see typical "positive and negative" pins. Is there a way to check the voltage on this uniquely designed battery with a voltmeter? Question 2. Is there a voltage readout setting on the bike display in addition to the percent readout?
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If you dont have a manual that tells you what pins of the battery connector is what, just test between every two pins combination with your voltmeter until you read the expected voltage.
Thanks for your reply, but the attached photo shows only 2 contact points on the Pace 500.2 battery. I do not get a reading from those 2 contact points.


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There may be a "handshake" circuit that uses the other pins between the charger and battery . Try measuring the voltage at the battery discharge connector with and without the charger connected. If there is a switch on the battery, make sure it's turned on.
Thanks for your responses. Finally got a meter reading. That will make things easier for me in determining what voltage the battery has left before my wife heads out the door for a ride.