Voltbike Yukon 750 vs Biktrix Duo 750 hub vs other?


I've recently sold my A2B Metro ebike, great for commuting but no good off road mostly due to the small diameter wheels and poor tire options. I bought it used about 10 years ago and got good service from it. It was 36v 12ish Ah 500w direct drive hub peaking close to 750w.

Now I'm looking for a new ebike for this year.

Some limiting factors:
- Located in Calgary Alberta (13% tariff makes importing a bike a bit expensive)
- I weigh 320lbs (most bikes I've found seem to be limited to 275lbs)
- Would like a bike for fire roads, trails, hunting, etc... and be legal to use in the City

At this point I've narrowed it down to:
- Voltbike Yukon 750, load capacity 320lb, 750w Bafang (guessing it is a 500w in reality)
- Biktrix Juggernaut Duo, load capacity 330lb (life time warranty on frame), 750w Bafang (real 750 or a 500?)
- Maybe the EUNORAU 48V250W+350W FAT-AWD though this seems like it might be more of a gimmick bike, I'm not sure if it is a good option but it does claim a 370lb load capacity.

I would like the mid drive but the prices are way out there for most of these.

Another option I've been interested in is putting a BBS02 or BBSHD on my 2008 Kona Hoss though I will not have fat tires if I go this route and I feel that I might really like them for what I have in mind.

Last question is could I retro fit a BBS02 or BBSHD to either the Yukon or the Duo down the road if I find I need more climbing power? The shape of the frames concerns me, looks like it might interfere with retro fitting a mid drive.

Thanks for any help!