Voltbike Urban, Mariner, or E-Joe EPIK?


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I think I've narrowed it down to these three. I live in Buffalo, NY - very flat, and very snowy. Most rides would be 10+ miles.

Must have: PAS and Throttle (thumb, not twist), 350W+, folding, $1,600USD or less.

Voltbike Urban: The price is great ($1100), Motor and Battery weaker than the other two. Easier to transport. No-name cells.
Voltbike Mariner: 6lb heavier than the Urban, Motor and Battery are stronger too but the fat tires probably compensate for this. Name-brand battery cells. Claims longer range than the urban. Better derailer than the other two. No suspension but the fat tires probably help. I'd really enjoy off-road capabilities but 90% of my riding will be on-road.
E-Joe EDPIK: More expensive, softer suspension, lighter than the other two, fun colors, longer battery range.

I'm open to other suggestions, corrections, or thoughts on the above three. Thanks!
If you plan to ride in the Buffalo snow, the skinny tired folder will give you lots of thrills, most of them unwanted. A fat tired folder would be safer.

On the other hand, my fat bike on pavement on a nice day makes me feel like I'm cruising in a big boat Cadillac in the 1960's. It's nice, but a skinny tired bike just feels better.
Indeed, the Sondors is a good looking bike, but not shipping til this Fall. Probably $99-199 to ship, putting it at $1099-1199 with a seven speed. The Mariner probably performs the same, but has the external battery. The Mariner appears to be a hot seller at Voltbike, as it's out of stock.
I am looking for similar bikes, and I like the Magnum Classic as well. Another thing I found helpful was to go to the folding bikes section, sort by price, and do some side-by-side comparisons of bikes that looked like they might match what I'm looking for.