velotric after replacing the controller


I replaced the controller with a kt controller and now it works like a pedal assit bike, not a cruise control bike. Some of the things noticed in this rebuild: The original brake levers are the old style 2 pin, the fenders are not fitted well, the controller charge plug is not the standard, the motor plug is not the standard, for a 6' 1" person who rides upright the handle bars were raised 3 inches (had to make the cables longer), the tires seem to bottom out with a 260 lb rider. Having said all that and changed so much I'm happy.
Is this something that could be done to all their models?

Which bike did you do this on?

Love to learn more about this, as the Thunder 1 ST I'm testing right now has really crap feel in terms of the controller and how/when it adds in power.
this was done to a discovery 1. If you have the truckrun motor of 500 watts should work but on my bike the biggest controller I could put in was a 500w. If you have more room this would work with a bigger motor.