VADO SL Shimano SLX CN M7100 Chain question


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Wishing to have a spare chain as I reach 2,000 miles on the Vado SL I ordered 2 and am bringing 1 of them with me to Florida, just in case...(bike is already shipped, chains were not available prior to shipping of bike)
I use hot wax and am prepping it.
I measured the original chain prior to shipping when I took it off the Wahoo Kickr earlier in the week.
With the quick link removed, it is 61". (photo supplied for reference)
The new chain (128 links) is 62-1/2"
I need to remove 4 links to match the old chain.
In October 2020 I got on Amazon a 1 to 12-speed chain tool to break links.
It does not accept the Shimano chain (it doesn't fit the tool).
Is the Shimano chain an oddball 12-speed chain that the tool does not work with a 1 to 12-speed tool or needs a special tool??
Is the tool not correct and do I need to buy a different tool?
Can I leave it at the length it is?
Finally, this article says do this do that, is there any validity to the references made?


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there are mixed reports of which chain tools work with the “new” shimano 12 speed chains, the sure bet is shimano‘s TL-CN29. park CT-3.3 also specifically states it works with shimano 12 speed chains, and is cheaper. these should be more common now that bikes are shipping with 12 speed dura ace and ultegra, for which shimano used the same chains as the MTB 12 speed.

personally, i‘d size it to match the original even if it would work with a longer chain.