Vado 5 IGH battery fit issue


Been spending considerable time contacting both US and Canadian head offices of Specialized, as well as local and other Specialized bike shops. Had response on this forum too.
Issue concerns the approximate 1/4 inch ‘play’ or movement when top of battery is pushed in towards rather frame/battery housing. Note that of course the battery is locked in when that occurs. Certainly very alarming as I doubt a ‘loose fitting‘ battery is a good idea.
Specialized USA told me yesterday that ‘play’ is normal. Specialized Canada said that ‘play’ is NOT normal. The rep checked 4 such bikes and found no movement.
A bike shop told me today that a couple of metal support pieces should have been included with the bike shipment that need to be installed within the battery housing to secure a snug fit. My local bike shop said that was true for older Vado models and that the current (2021 on) models addressed and rectified that issue.
Anyway, I will be taking a very close look at the battery housing before taking to the local bike shop. I understand there are 3 hex bolts on the upper battery housing, as well as an inner screw, that allow for some adjustment.

Curious if any Specialized Vado owners have experienced a similar concern. I certainly do not feel very confident riding a bike with a loose battery. Not saying it will fall out, but with repeated use, logic would suggest that there is potential for a serious safety issue.
Thanks for any suggestions and/or feedback! The ebike is a 2022 IGH.
If you need me to take photos of my non-loose version, let me know
I have to really push the battery in to lock it into place and it still randomly pops out. I ended up using a strap to hold it in case it fell out. The loose fitting has now damaged the connector at the bottom. Mine is a Vado 3 from 2020 though.
No play on my Vado 5.0 either. Had a Como previously and you have to make sure the top of the battery is able to hang free on the inside hanger prior to latching it closed. It should lock to the frame easily. If it doesn’t you didn’t follow specialized’s directions on how to install it. It is a simple process that just takes you taking a peek inside the upper battery housing and see where to hook the battery on the hanger.