Vado 5.0 Mision Control Q's


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Couple of questions regarding my Vado 5.0.

There's an option in Mission Control that says 'display always active' (it's turned off). What does this do? The MasterMind TCD on my bike is always on anyway?

I can customise the screens on the MasterMind TCD through the app, but it seems to forget them after I turn the bike on/off. Is there no way to save them?
It means the _phone_ screen stays on when the "ride" is active. You can set the phone up to have even more panels of info or to show a map.

I haven't had trouble with the TCD retaining settings. There is a "full reset" button sequence for the TCD (I don't remember it, but it's in the manual) which you could try before re-pairing and configuring again.
That's great, thanks for the pointers.
I'll give that a go and see if it helps.