using throttle on urban 700


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am considering a XU 700-16

wondering if anyone knows if the computer software can be changed to allow throttle to work from a standstill?

i use the throttle to load the bikes on my rack, load using a ramp on my flatbed and also to go up the stairs/ramp at my house

having it not kick in until 3mph is a problem

any info would be great
No need to change the software Vincent. I use the throttle once in a while assisting my walk up a ramp when it's a really low tide (I live on a boat), and it comes in handy starting on some nearby steep hills with stop lights 1/2 way up, which I never seem to make.
very interesting ken, thanks for the feedback

so how does that work, maybe 2mph is just barely rolling? i was under the impression it would not kick on until 2-3 mph so how are you using it from a standstill?

this would make a huge difference to me in buying this bike, heard a lot of good things about ohm
Not sure if I can move that slow Vincent. ;) When I use it for walking assist I'm already moving over 2 mph I guess. It just works. And on the hills I just start with some pressure on the pedal and the throttle kicks in, again it just works.
If you have a dealer around try one out, just be ready to buy it. My only issue is I had to put a 200 dollar cover on my car cause I don't use it and I don't have a car port...
i will watch my cateye monitor and see how fast i am rolling these bikes up the stair ramp tomorrow, etc
maybe getting to 2-3mph would not be noticeable for what i am doing...
the throttle i have now goes from a standstill

thanks so much for posting back, love reading about how great your ohm bike has done for you!