Upgrading a Bosch motor...Not.


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I started a thread here:

I wanted to upgrade my Active line motor to Performance line motor on my 2014 KTM.

My LBS tried to order a Performance line motor, and after two weeks, Bosch came back and said no. Bosch will only sell a motor to replace a broken motor with the same type of motor.

This makes me said, as upgrading components on a bicycle is fairly common. Bosch argues that when you by a car that you don't go upgrading the engine.

BTW when ordering the motor, Bosch will flash program the motor before delivery. To do that they need the info from the current motor. Not exactly sure what is going on there.

I swapped my Active Line head unit onto to a bike with Performance line motor and it worked fine, so I infer that the head unit and motor are not tightly coupled.