Universal water bottle holder


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I have been looking for a good solution for a water bottle holder for a while. Here is one which will fit a variety of attachment points. The quality of the clamp is not the best but has been working well so far. I have used it on the seat post, handlebars, rear rack, front forks, stem riser, and back frame bars. The clamp is a clam shell. I have added a few pics...let me know if anyone would like additional info.
image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
It comes with one rubber spacer...I have never used the spacer.

I got it from eBay:

1 x Bicycle Bike Cycling Water Bottle Cage Holder Base Mount Handlebar Tube Clip
I have that same clamp on a smart phone holder, it's sturdy and works great!