Tyre Gel Vs Innertube. Anybody used this Gel? Is it good? Worth it?

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Hi all

I got caught short with a puncture 10 miles away from base last weekend without an innertube. Nobody elses fault but mine. I was telling a pal who suggested I use a product I've never even heard of before. He reckons there is a gel you can fill your tyres up with and never suffer a puncture again. Now, of course, I could easilly just look this up on Google and discover what he's telling me. However, that won't give me real indications of how good/easy this stuff is to use. Is it practical? long life? Worth the money? does it ruin the wheel? Has anybody got any experience with this stuff please? What's your thoughts? Pro's and Cons? advice? comments?

Thanks all.
I have used Stan’s No-tubes with good results, having it in the tubes before a puncture. Seals most punctures well. I also carry a small bottle of it on my Trek, as it can lose effectiveness after a few months.
When I recently bought my new GoCycle, I asked the dealer about running Stan’s in the tubes, but he wasn’t familiar with it. He recommended GUP and included a can of it when he shipped the bike. It appears to be more for use after a puncture. I haven’t tried it yet.
There are other forums here on Tannus Armour inserts; they may also be of interest if you search here.


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I've never heard of a gel that replaces an innertube. I've used this tube replacement product though with limited success:



It's a real bear to get the tire on the rim and I don't like the fact that you can't adjust tire pressure for different riding conditions. I found it to be too soft for my riding style.

I now use Slime in heavy duty tubes for flat prevention. Puncture resistant tires can also give some added protection.

Welcome to the forum! If you play around with the search function, you'll find many threads here on flat prevention.
Second the vote for Slime (or something similar) in your tube as a flat preventative - BEFORE - you get a flat.