Turbo Levo Drivetrain Life

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Haven't had my FSR Comp long and it broke the chain already and a tooth on the cassette is missing , this after a month of riding, have read many others with short chain life.
I am seriously thinking of switching to the new SRAM EX1 8 speed drivetrain, but no one seems to have them in stock yet.
Anyone one else thinking of switching ? I love my bike otherwise .
I don't have information on SRAM EX1 8 speed but just like any mid drives, the motor puts a lot of undue stress to the drive train. This can be minimized by keeping your cadence in the higher range (80-100) and shifting down when in low speed. Applying the same principle to non-ebikes is also useful to prevent injury to your knees.

You make a cadence meter by using a cheap wired speedometer (I use sigma brand) https://www.amazon.com/Sigma-Sport-BC5-12-Bicycle-Computer/dp/B009ZN61D8 a wireless version does not work due to ebike electronics interference. Convert it to a cadence meter, install the magnet to the pedal or chain ring and the sensor to any stationary part (use your ingenuity/creativity here). Then there is a magic number to input in the tire circumference (2682) and use MPH, not KPH (search internet) and the display will show the cadenc reading (ex, 7.5 mph is 75 rpm cadence). Good luck.
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