Turbo Como 4 SL EQ front light position?


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My wife just got a Turbo Como SL with the EQ package, and she wants to take the front rack and basket off for now. I haven't removed it yet to look, but it seems like the front light is mounted to the rack, and I'm not sure where or how to move the light. Has anyone done this? If so, any pointers?

PS. I know how to remove the rack, but I'm just not sure about the mounting options for the light.

Here ya go.


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Thanks, but that doesn't look like the same thing as she has on her bike. The light might be the same, but the mounting options are not the same. The mount is attached to the rack - it can't be removef. The light can be removed but there is no place to mount it.IMG_0200.jpegIMG_0199.jpegIMG_0198.jpegIMG_0197.jpeg
I see that... no front suspension. FWIW, you should be able to mount the light to the fastener which secures the fender. That's the way it is mounted on my Trek. Or, once you've removed the ft. rack, you may like the mounting opportunities vacated on the stem by the rack mount. Good luck.