Trick your charger to get to 100%


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I have found that when my charger (finned one) usually shuts off and upon restart of my 2016 Turbo S, it shows 98%. So while my bike is still on, I plug my charger back on. The bike will start charging. As soon as it begins charging, I turn off the bike. Within a few seconds, the bike will start charging again. This time when it stops and the lights go off, unplug the charger and turn on the bike...the display will now read 100%. Of course after a few hours the bike when turned on will probably drop to 98% (mine does).

So it's bike on; plug in charger; lights come on and 4 battery lights flash. Turn off bike; lights stop flashing; lights start flashing again. When finished the battery will read 200%.

This only seems to work with the finned charger.