Tools for fitting bafang 750w bbs02

Paul Bridle

New Member
Hi. I am just about to fit a bafang bbs02 to a scott aspect 910 and being a bit of a novice does anyone here know what tools I will need to do it? I have general tools like a socket set, screw drivers and alike but was wondering what special tools I would need.

Does anyone have any links as to what I would need to buy?

Thanks Paul
Two tools I really needed. First was the wrench that fit around the collar adapter. I originally used a channel lock pliers, but it got loose. Perhaps a second try with the pliers would have worked, but by then I had this wrench.

There may be a tool in the standard bicycle tool kit that does the same.

The other tool was a chain breaker. Needed to open the chain so that I could remove the front derailleur without having to cut it apart. Since didn't have one, I cut the derailleur bracket. it was an old unit, but still a waste, as a chain tool is only $10. By the way, your chain may have a master link. Chain makers now recommend that if you break a chain using this tool, that you put it back together with a master link. ANywhere from $3 on ebay , $5 at walmart, and $12 for a good one at the bike shop.

Finally, a third tool that I didn't really need was a BB socket for my Shimano BB. A couple of dollars shipped on ebay. My BB screwed out with my finders, after I pulled off the pedals.

Oops. I needed a pedal puller. This one was $3 on ebay. Worked twice and then it broke. A better one is about $15 at your bike shop.
Buy zip ties to tidy up the cabling coming out of the bottom of the controller before you take it for a test ride or your speedo cable might wrap around your kickstand and get ripped out. Cobraties are low profile + flexroute cable guides are good.