tips on starting to ride bikes again - ebikes


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was thinking about some of this stuff while i was riding today, again this will not apply to regular bike people

only older people like me that have not ridden in years

my cemoto is an 18 inch frame with 26 inch tires- pas and twist throttle
the prodeco mariner i have is a lot smaller, is a more upright position and the tires are smaller - only twist throttle

to me the mariner is a better bike to start riding on
easier to handle size wise/tire wise
in the beginning pas threw me off handling wise, was too much too fast and the cemoto was just too much to handle- the bike also may not fit me well so harder to step off and on etc

a guy i know that sells some generic ebikes mainly in some retirement communities south of tucson said he gets lots of complaints about people thinking the pas is too strong/ kicks in too hard etc

i felt the same way, we actually took some magnets out of my "circle" on my pas to see if it would help- can tell you it does not really, just makes it kick in a little bit less often but seems more surgy

figured this was an easy/cheap part to replace if i did not like it with the magnets out, havent replaced mine yet but intend to

one of my biggest mistakes was trying to start out riding around my house- all dirt and gravel here, trees everywhere, washed out places in the ground/ruts etc
makes the bikes harder to handle and pas sucks on uneven ground when you are not used to it

start out on pavement , large clear parking lot
and use only the throttle, dont try to pedal at all at first , i just kept my feet up off the ground a little

just use the throttle and get used to riding/steering/stopping etc
to me this is one place ebikes really shine, you can gain your balance , learn to steer/brake etc without pedaling right off the bat

starting out pedaling especially in bikes as heavy as these is hard, getting the bike moving is hard
i still use throttle sometimes to start moving

keep your seat lower where you can easily touch the ground, especially if the bike is big, keeping the seat low on the cemoto made a big difference at first , even on the mariner it helped some at first

taking some of this from searches i found on how to learn to ride a bike for older people lol
i looked this stuff up before i started riding

but this was serious stuff to me, i use my arms for work, am self employed and it would be a big deal if i broke my arm and was out of work for a month

i also got a helmet and have used it from the beginning, doesnt seem to bother me for the hour or 2 i ride and obviously much safer

will update this if i think of anything else
I think new riders would be better suited with a ebike with a torque sensor. That is why my first ebike will have a torque sensor. I hear cadence sensors kick in to hard. Maybe a throttle only would be a second choice for first timers.