Throttle twist and how to use it


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I have the Stromer St-1 Sport Standard model. This model comes with a Throttle twist on the handle bars.....I have yet to figure out how it works....if anyone owns the same model as I do....could you please tell me the steps on how to make that throttle twist work? Love my Stromer except for this issue and support is almost impossible to find for the average customer. Does anyone know of a customer representative I could call to find answers to questions I still have about this bike? Thanks for anyone on this forum who can help me.
I'm guessing you have only pedal assist at the moment? Does it have different levels you can set? I have an easy motion bike, the reason I asked the first question is that on my bike the throttle doesn't function unless I use the computer to enter the setting of no pedal assist. In other words I can't use both at the same time. Perhaps your bike functions similarly. I think it might be a requirement to meet the law in some other countries where the higher end brand name bikes are bigger sellers than in the US.