This website slow as molassis. Just me?


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NO other websites like this one, clicks often take a minute to load the new page. Like old dial up internet.
I've also gotten a few warnings about malware from my security programs.

Anyone else?
@JayVee & @MLB, do you have a lot of other windows open at the same time your loading EBR? That could slow it down. I am assuming these are new issues for you? Try flushing your cache, that can speed up page loading. Also, look at how many programs & windows are all running at the same time. Stuff that you have going when you open the desktop; it's possible that you've got so much running in the background that you've chewed up most of the available RAM so there's little space to load this site.

Another issue may be that your computer is infected with some trojan or worm, that can slow stuff down and would explain the security warnings.
JayVee, if you could send me info/specifics about odd behavior when editing, I'll make sure Court & our programmer know about it.

If anyone else in the community has recent issues with the site, please share :)
I know that when I do a "search", most (if not all) of the historic posts are not showing up. I think all profile history from before the website redesign are lost. Is that correct? For example, I could not find my older posts with "search". However, I can find them manually by remember where I posted it. They are not deleted, just not searchable.
My experience is that this site does not like ad blockers. Slow performance may be due to an ad blocker, unfortunately.
@SuperGoop that's entirely possible. It's not the case for all members; however, I have seen some member profiles that I know have lots of posts, yet the system says there is nothing there. Some oddities like this happened when an upgrade to the database was made and earlier when there was a change to the server.

However, many of those posts are actually gone, I know since I actually lost a number of posts during those transitions. :(
I cleared my cache and it opened quickly and seemed fine. until I signed in and then it instantly slowed to a crawl again....
From my experience over the last two weeks, the pages never load properly, and are disjointed. Example below.

It seems better using Chrome, but still far from working properly.