This is the way to be seen!

Much weight added? Any downside for 'real' biking? So do I understand that 1 setup covers 1/2 of a wheel with the pattern? And that 2 on 1 wheel would cover "all" of it (more or less)?
I think I'd prefer 1 whole wheel over 2 - half covered. That's do-able?
Much weight added? Any downside for 'real' biking?
There has to be a point of diminishing returns for visibility, and added downside due to weight. But for parading on Venice Beach, the calculation is a little different :)
The monkeylights weigh 65g each and one on each wheel is fine. The pro version can do animation but it's also $900 I believe. I'm happy with what I got for $50.
Yes 1 kit would cover a whole wheel. You certainly could connect another but one seems to work fine. Here's a video where they show the different patterns....the music is annoying (turn down your speakers) but it gives you a good idea what it looks like. I'm only talking about the lights on the wheels not the lights on the bike frame. Fast forward to 1:00 It works best at 10mph and over.
This is how mine look:

When I was riding a regular bike in the winter I had two on the one wheel (one battery pack can power two) but the e-bike goes faster so one each seems to make a decent pattern. Good for visibility to vehicles when crossing intersections.