The passing of Mr. Rohloff - end of an era!

Ravi Kempaiah

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Mr. Bernie Rohloff, the founder of the legendary gearbox company - Rohloff, has passed.
A truly remarkable engineer who designed one of the most loved, iconic gearboxes for cyclists worldwide.
🙏With love and gratitude from all the cyclists around the world.

Wow - I remember reading about the Speedhub when it came out back in the '90s. My bike had a 7-speed Shimano hub (the Inter-7, after having owned a bike with a 3-speed hub), and that was pretty good at the time. The Rohloff's 14 gears and huge range blew me away! And that the gears were fairly evenly-spaced. I wanted one, badly. Of course at the time I couldn't possibly afford one and could only dream about it.

That it's still at the top after something like 25 years shows what a remarkable invention Bernie came up with.