The Elby is BY FAR the favorite of everyone who rides any of my (6) eBikes.

Dave Leidy

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I own 6 electric bikes:
- Kalkhoff Integrale S11
- Kalkhoff Include 8 Premium
- (2) Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB
- Pedego Stretch Cargo Bike
- Elby

Everyone in my family fights over the Elby. Almost everything about the Elby is superior to the others, especially the Bionx drive system. I pull an adult special needs trailer from Wike, and the Elby has more climbing power than any other, even though all but the Pedego are mid-drives which have a mechanical advantage. The Elby's ability to peak at 1,000 watts is the key, and it is just as smooth as butter and almost completely silent. My only criticism is the distance between the seat and handlebar is too much unless you are 6ft tall. I have the handlebar adjusted all the way back, and the seat adjusted fully forward, and my wife's only complaint is that it isn't more upright like the Arroyo or the Kalkhoff Include 8. My only other criticism is that the seat post is proprietary, so in order to add seat suspension you need an aftermarket bushing in order to fit a different seat post.

I need one more eBike to complete my collection for my family, so I'll be adding a second Elby this week.
As a matter of fact, I have a gently used Elby S-1 9-speed e-bike to sell. I realize this thread is a couple of years old, so this might no longer be relevant, but in case it is, feel free to let me know. (And if it's not, of course, feel free to ignore.) Thanks a lot, and have a nice day!
I'm in NYC. Asking $1500. Barely used; works perfectly. I just couldn't get the hang of the bike commuting thing, much as I aspired to.
Ah, I see you're in La Jolla (lucky you!!). I have no experience with shipping something like this, but I'd be game to work together to try to figure out a cost-effective solution, if you want.
Great suggestion, @tomjasz. Thanks. I just shot a note off to inquire about the specifics of shipping an e-bike, as opposed to a road or mtn bike.
Hey @Dave Leidy, at @tomjasz's suggestion, I contacted Ship Bikes, who informed me that their XL Bike Box is made for e-bikes, such as the Elby, and the cost of the box and shipping is estimated at about $120. They explain that, "For this box you will need to remove the handle bars, but you can leave all the electronics connected and place the handle bar close to the front fork of the bike so the cables are not disconnected. We also provide straps for you to fasten anything you may need inside the box."
Thanks. This is my first time on this forum, and I'm impressed with it and glad to have found a new home for my Elby!
@Dave Leidy is a gentleman. He's interested in buying the bike, but is suggesting I first try to sell it locally here in NYC to avoid the hassle & expense of shipping. I will try that first. Stay tuned.
Thanks Jonathan, I do want the bike, but the headache and risk of shipping should be a last resort compared to selling locally. eBikes are a hot commodity right now and I suspect you will have no trouuble selling it through OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace. If that fails, we will get the shipping worked out. From what I can tell, it is best to ship it as a normal bike and ship the battery separately via UPS or FedEX Ground.