The beast is back he is now the bionic beast.


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The beast's motor was having issues after 14000 miles.
We had a crash about 5000 miles when I clipped a pole it bent the crank arms and trashed the drivetrain so that could have caused it too in the long run.
So the beast got a bionic heart the perforce speed motor I had on my backup bike. So went from 14500 miles to 300 so I guess facelift too. But we have it geared low so about 22 will max us out. could not take it for a test spin as I got the email it was done right after We had our granddaughter come over. but the guy did a test ride and got it to 28mph. we have it geared low with a 36t chainring and 11-42 cassette she at 80rims you go around 22mph so he must have looked like a squirrel on a wheel.

well the new motor works well. now instead of having to back off a bit when she hit the motor limit we can push a little harder. one ride on a bike path we tended to et around 14.5 mph and 14.8. thats the whole ride fast and slow parts we did 16mph but we tended to keep it around 20 to 22mph verses 18.5. so we are getting higher heart rates. we got it up to 25 mph but we had to peddle at 100rpm to do it. I can do 18 to 19 when I am on my trek